View from the Seats: First Impression


By: Dave Glasser

As I drove into the parking lot at The UoP today I was met with a familiar feeling. All of you Cardinals fans know what I’m talking about. That feeling of excitement and a boost of energy with a slight sense of anxiousness about what you’re about to see. Normally this feeling is reserved for game days, but this year, for the first time in a very long time, I’m arriving at the stadium to watch practice. PRACTICE!? Yes, practice.

Let me preface my first impression of the Glendale training camp era by giving Flagstaff it’s proper respect. Flagstaff will always hold a special place in Cardinals fans’ hearts. Most of us remember visiting training camp as kids and have many memories from all the years of “going up the hill.” Nothing beats the weather there, especially when you’re leaving behind a 110 plus heat. But that’s about where it ends for me, in comparison to what they’ve set up here in Glendale.

I really enjoyed going to camp today and being able to get back to my life immediately after. There’s no two hour drive to get home. There’s no packing up the car after a day or weekend trip. It’s a two and half hour break for some live football. It’s like a shot in the arm while we wait for September 8th.

As far as the fan experience of the practice goes, how do you beat watching training camp while sitting in a state of the art facility? There’s no comparison between The UoP and Lumberjack Stadium. We’re riding in a Cadillac now!

Nothing in AZ will beat watching football in the pines. That creates a feeling that can’t be matched. But I think the Cardinals have done a good job so far at overcoming that nostalgia for fans. Head out to a practice (or four) and give me your thoughts. I have a feeling you will be impressed.


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